Mike Olbinski Photography | Urban Phoenix

Phoenix is my hometown and I love photographing the downtown area. Here are some of my favorite images from urban Phoenix.
A reflection in downtown Phoenix after a rainstorm.Sunset over Tempe Town LakeA downtown Phoenix sunset on the seventh floor of a parking garage.NightfallChase Tower downtown during some stormy Arizona weather.A December sunsetA spectacular sunset over Chse Field in downtown Phoenix.A view down the light rail tracks on Washington Street in downtown Phoenix. The sun sets after a rain storm in late March.A wave of clouds washes over Phoenix in the early morning hours.The Chase Tower at sunrise in downtown Phoenix.A turn lane in downtown Phoenix after a rain storm.A blue door in downtown Phoenix.A sunset reflection caught in downtown Phoenix.The Orange DoorA reflection in downtown Phoenix of Chase Tower and Freeport. Storm clouds in the sky and puddles of rain water create an awesome mood.